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5dmin January 10, 2020

Welcome to the MajorLeagueTrading Nadex Trader course.

In this section I’m going to layout the course syllabus, and a few things you will need going forward.

I’m also going to provide you with a couple of handouts, and custom TOS indicators as we move through the course together.

I opened a Nadex demo account back in December of 2013 to try out the product, and to really see what binary options were all about. Needless to say I’ve been trading Nadex ever since and they are the only broker/exchange that I will use to trade binary options with.

Lesson 1: Introduction
Learn a little about myself, and what is to come inside the course.

Lesson 2: What is Nadex
In this lesson we will answer the 5 W’s – Who, What, When, Where, Why

Lesson 3: Understanding Nadex
It is important that if you are going to trade Nadex that you know how it works, and fully understand pricing, expiration, etc.

Lesson 4: Join Nadex
Nadex is technically an exchange so in order to open an account you must also join, but not to worry it is basically the same as opening a regular brokerage account.

Lesson 5: Thinkorswim w/ Nadex
Having a good charting platform is vital to your success, and in my opinion Thinkorswim is the absolute best out there for that, and pairs nicely with Nadex.

Lesson 6: Technical Analysis
How to draw levels, and get a grasp on MTF (multi timeframe) analysis.

Lesson 7: Nadex Trade Strategies
Breakout Long Trade, Breakout Short Trade, The Fade Trade, The Return Long Trade, The Return Short Trade, Breakout News Trade

Lesson 8: Risk, Compounding, & Psychology
2 of the most important factors when trading is risk & psychology. Learn how to control your risk, and master your own psychology.

Lesson 9: Nadex Course Recap
What have we learned throughout the course, and what are the key takeaways.

Lesson 10: Trade Review Videos