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Where to begin with this project? There is a ton of information and potential here that I’m going to do a video and will put below. I didn’t find this project, but that’s why I have a group of other NFT collectors who have their ear to the ground as well. A BAYC holder dropped this one in our chat, and after a few hours of breaking down all the information I was interested in, and at the time of this writing 1/12/22 I currently am a holder.

I want to start by taking a look at the team behind this project, and I like that they are fully doxxed. Robin Janssens & Salim Elhila are the founders and Maxime Hacquard is the digital artist. Max does some amazing artwork, and it was pretty cool one day he showed in the chat a picture of him and Beeple from a few years ago. Robin & Salim manage 12 different companies across 4 countries already and from the outside looking in they appear successful and it looks like they know what they are doing. In addition to the core team they are adding designers, developers and so many other positions on a pretty consistent basis.

At the core of the Meta Legends line up is a play to earn game that looks absolutely sick from what has been shown so far. I’ll drop the Youtube trailer below.

There is also a focus on a Meta-Connect app to allow community members to interact and even manage IRL events if they are close by. This is a digital project though and Meta-Life is in development as well which is their very own Metaverse where you can own property and assets such as cars, bikes and even pets.

I could write so much more about this project, but this newsletter would end up being 10 pages long to show different examples, features, and utilities to why I like it.

Overall I’m very bullish on this project and the amount of work they have put in so far is impressive, and I started stalking prior to the first initial mint. It will be a project that could take years to fully develop, but the potential is there and from what I’ve seen it looks like the team has the ability to deliver on it.

As always DYOR, but here are some links below to get you started.

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