Billionaire Coyote Cartel

“The Hedge Fund of the NFT World”

My Rating: Holder

This is what I’ve been calling Billionaire Coyote Cartel or BCC since day one of stumbling upon this project. When I say I stumbled upon it that’s exactly what happened. I was scrolling twitter one day and every tweet with a Bored Ape will catch your eye and it was a tweet from BCC about purchasing their first BAYC for the vault. It also said that you can earn a share of the vault with a mint happening tomorrow. I’ll put the tweet below.

After I saw the tweet I dove in and started running my normal analysis on the project, and while the website looks different than it does now here is what I said in my head. “They are going to sell an NFT collection, and use those funds to start buying other projects out there. This is the hedge fund of the nft world.”

When we look at projects and we evaluate the utility they provide or a use case then we can put a value behind it. Owning a piece of a BAYC when they had just pulled back and I was looking at them for opportunity already was a no brainer decision for me on this project. Here is where things took a slight hiccup…

The collection was scheduled to have a 10,000 piece run, but there ended up being a minting bug on the day of the launch. This reduced the collection down to a 2,222 piece collection and that cut a little confidence in the team. Which was the only red flag when I was researching the project is that the team isn’t fully doxxed. First names were given, but in the crypto world those could be made up as well.

I currently as of the writing of this 1/12/22 do still currently own a part of the collection. When the minting issue happened I did take a step back, and make sure that I felt comfortable it wouldn’t just be a rug that used a BAYC for marketing purposes. Turns out that the team has fulfilled on purchasing different collections voted on by the community with a DAO. Initially I picked up 3 of those after the mint, and so far have taken off 2 for about 3.5x my initial on those and holding on to the last one.

User interface of the website is super clean and the staking process was executed without any problems. I haven’t yet talked about it, but the plan with the vault is to sell it out at the end of a year holding period, and holders who staked to receive $BCC tokens will be able to swap those out into ETH for a payout at the end of the vault year lock up period. Then it will roll over and start again with new purchases

As always DYOR, but here are some links below to get you started.

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